Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who visited the blog over the last month.  We have really enjoyed working on the project and hearing all of your views.  A plan has now been agreed which was designed using your feedback and we hope that you will enjoy your new space when it is finished.  For now we are handing the blog over to Library Services who will keep you updated on the rest of the projects progress.  If you would like to discuss any planning or design matters with us directly email us at,

Thanks again
Nomad Team

Bristol Bound

Hi it’s Antonio from Nomad here in a rather foggy Glasgow Airport. I would like to apologise for not being with you as planned yesterday but the weather had its own agenda (See Photo)! With any luck I’ll be there soon to talk you through what you have told us from our first consultation and how it helped us plan your new library. I’m looking forward to visiting again and to hear what you have to say about the proposals for the ASSL refurbishment.


Due to adverse weather conditions here in Scotland our researcher, Antonio, was unable to fly today.  The plans and other information will be installed in the ASSL so please still visit and vote.  Alternatively vote here on the polls page.

We will be with you as soon as possible.

Vote Now!

We used the results from our November consultation as a brief for your new spaces. However, we have run into a problem! When we attempt to retain the current capacity of seating on the floors we must give you smaller desk spaces and lose carrels in favor of screened workstations. When we try to give you new carrels and comparable/bigger desk spaces we lose 37 seats in total. We now face a dilemma and we need your votes in order to continue.  Should we,

Provide you with new carrels & more space.
Retain existing number & reduce carrels and desk sizes.

Please visit the library or take part in the poll here to cast your vote for the type of space you want.

Were Back!

Antonio will be back in the library between Tuesday the 7th and Thursday the 9th of December.  This time he will be showing you some plans along with the results of our November consultation with you.  It’s really important that you come along if possible as he will also be asking you to take cast your vote for the type of space you want.    If you are not able to make it into see Antonio then visit the blog between Tuesday and Thursday where we will upload a new poll and you may cast your vote there.

More Polls

Thanks to everyone that took part in last weeks polls.  For those that did not, never mind, here is another chance!

Some Anomalies

Last weeks consultation was a great success. We interviewed 110 people and had over 354 visits to the blog.  We are now in the process of compiling the results from the data we have gathered and have found a few anomalies.  The oddest result is as follows.

Even from the early results we can see that you are overwhelmingly in favor of the upper floors becoming 100% silent study space.  In addition 100 people told us that they study alone the majority of the time.  Yet, when we asked what type of spaces would also be useful, 43% told us that collaborative space would be preferred, while a further 39% requested reading room/lounge space. Can anyone give us some further insight into this? Leave a comment if you can help explain this or if you prefer email us at